Monday, February 4, 2013


Hey great news!  I finally got off my lazy butt and decided to go for a run today.  I was just setting up the treadmill and all my water and stuff and started to have these "Ah maybe I don't feel like it," thoughts.  Then I thought, "WTF?"  It has been months, and months since my last run and here I am having the perfect opportunity and then I start being all lazy about it.  Yikes, that is not like me at all.  Happily I powered through those negative thoughts and got on with it.  So yay me. 

Granted I only ran 20 minutes, and probably slower then the speed of a glacier, but at least I managed to get it done.  And the best part about the whole thing was that I was not a hurtin unit through it all.  This last spring, before mom got sick, when I started running again I was having some serious issues with the hips and knees.  I was a tad bit worried after the first five minutes when my left knee started to twinge, but that went away and I felt fine through out.  So one run down, 4,572,862 more runs to go.

Well the dire weather warnings have come to naught here in the south shore, but I hear tell that up in Cape Breton it is a whole other story.  Bad winds, lots of snow, and blizzardy kind of conditions.  It is snowing here, and it is windy, but so far it is just normal everyday kind of winter weather. Truth be told I really don't care what kind of weather we get as long as it is nice on Thursday and Friday, I have to drive to Lunenburg and Mahone Bay to class. 

This is my interpretation of a Partridge in a Pear Tree.  It is called, some Snowballs in a Plum Tree.  


  1. Weirdness. We must be on some wavelength...I just started a *regime* today and my ass is killing me! Glutes not big fans of lunges and squats I can tell you!

    1. Synchronicity bro!

      I am seriously not a fan of lunges and squats, I will only do them when I am half-ass in shape. My knees do not like them at all, at all. However I am starting this new full body exercise with a kettle bell and found (last spring) that it was great (meaning deadly) and worked everything in a much shorter amount of time. And one bazillion times easier on the knees.

  2. Of course I would respond that naturally almost all the pain and suffering from this exercisy thing I'm doing is in my hips and glutes. Although my knees sounded like someone was breaking bushels of celery they did not complain pain-wise *at all*. i don't quite know what to think of that. Today was dead-bugs and supermans so there was no leg suffering to deal with (other than that which came from still recovering from yesterdays fun). Now if I can finally get to grips with doing extra Tai Chi during the week (outside of the class we take on Wednesday) I might have a hope of getting somewhere with the 'fitness' thing.