Friday, February 1, 2013

Thar She Blows...Again

Yup here we are just recovering from another three and a half days of gale force winds.  She huffed and she puffed and she blew a whole shit-bucket full of trees down.  Have a gander at one of the trees that ended up horizontal...not a good position for a tree, in our yard.

Now some of you more observant people may have noticed that said tree is lying directly under the wires which run from the pole to our house.  Now you might think that said horizontal tree was shorter than the power lines and therefore posed no threat.  You would be wrong.  This particular tree had been the topic of discussion here at Kitpu Estates, off and on, for the past year, because it was rotten and not looking so well.  But because it wasn't actually on our property it wasn't handled with the typical alacrity things like this are dealt with by the hubby.  So it stood waiting for the next big wind.  It broke about a third of the way up and came a whacking down with authority.

How it missed the actual power lines is something of a mystery.  I for one think that it may have actually been a dimension hopping tree so during the actual falling part of the scenario it flickered out of existence for a brief moment thus missing the lines.  The hubby's theory, and I quote, "Fucked if I know." 

As you may also have deduced from the picture the wind/rain/warm spell also managed to melt all the snow away.  The lake even had a brief spell of having water on the ice, but as of last night it has frozen back over again.

I took the dog for a walk this afternoon and finished with a little jaunt up to the back forty to do some woodpile inspection, and yeah, you guessed it the wind blew a tiny bit of stack number one over, almost all of stack number two, and stack number three.  So guess what we get to do yet again?  Oh joy.  Lucky for me I don't really mind stacking wood all that much, it kind of reminds me of doing puzzles but on a much larger scale. 

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