Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Today is a little chilly.  Mostly because of the cold wind blowing from the north.  I haven't stepped outside yet but it is just a matter of time because I need to take someone out to do her business.  No not me. 

I figured I would put a quick "after" picture up of the rose bushes which I hacked down from "Sleeping Beauty cursed" version.  I know it doesn't look like anything, but believe me, this is a serious improvement. 

There are several off shoots where the bush has expanded it's territory so I am in the process of trying to decide where I want to plant them in the yard.  I still have to decide where I want to move the lilac tree from where it sits directly in front of the big bay window impeding the view of the lake. I also need to locate some suitable trees which will be replanted in the big field by the road leading up to the house.  I want to use them as a natural snow fence to help keep the worst of the snow off the road, and possibly as a bit of a privacy screen.  Ha-ha, who the hell am I kidding?  Of course it is more for privacy than snow fence-ness.  I am still running on full "stay the hell away from me" mode and would love nothing more than to buy everyone out within a two kilometer radius so I don't have any neighbours.  My antisocialness is still running pretty high.  Hopefully in a couple of years you won't find me sitting in a cave, mumbling to myself, and toting a shotgun.  (Oh I forgot about growing a long beard...ha, I'm already doing that if you count the stray chin hairs sprouting on my chinny, chin, chin.) 

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