Friday, April 20, 2012

Warm But Cold

Today the sun was a shining and it was pretty darn warmish, but the wind was a blowin and was pretty darn coolish, so the day was kinda, sorta, inbetweenish.  We started working on the last bit of siding yesterday and the hubby continued on his own today as I went to visit the parental unit and do a few odds and sods for her.  It's a good thing too otherwise I may have ended up as red as the hubby, and boy there isn't anything I like me better than to roast some of the flesh from my bones.  Wait!  Maybe having a tick attached to my flesh beats the roasting skin?  Hmmm, that's a tough one.  Either way I missed out on the opportunity.  I guess it's a good thing too as I've been a trifle sore that last two days, slipping on rocks and injuring oneself can do that to an unsuspecting person.  I thought I would add a picture of one of my bruises so you didn't think I was just a big wuss bucket who spends all of her time complaining away the time. 

Okay so maybe I do spend a lot of my time complaining but it's mostly about my cabinets and countertops not getting here when I thought they should.  But now I am over that because me and Basil are kinda having a love-in.  She is purdy.  She will be completely purdy when the four remaining cabinet doors get installed this week.  Once that happens I will put up a couple of pictures of that, unless of course one of my other bruises feel lonely and left out and need more attention then I may take a few pictures of them as well.  Boy the bloggesphere is in for a treat eh. 

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