Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sunny Saturday

I am sitting in the living room writing on my laptop with the screen door wide open and listening to the cooing sounds of doves floating in on the breeze.  Despite the fact that I still don't have any countertops it is a beautiful day.  (Ha betcha thought you were going to get away without having to hear about my countertops eh?)  I woke up to a sunny day, cold but sunny, and had to throw a few logs on the fire in order to warm up the joint, but as the day progressed it got warmer and nicer until it could just be considered beautiful. 

After finishing painting some more trim and doing a bit of sweeping and laundry and other exciting indoor tasks I decided to go out and take the dog for a walk to the back forty and beyond.  As you may remember we recently allowed some acquaintances to spread the ashes of their son in the back forty, and as I was walking by the spot I realized that the hill going down to the lake was pretty steep especially for someone in her seventies.  Someone who is having issues with coming to grips with her loss and comes out often to visit her son.  So instead of the things I had planned to do today I went back home and grabbed a shovel, an axe, some snippers and returned to the spot.  I cut about a half dozen steps into the bank then went in search of some flat rocks, in a relatively short period of time I managed to have a pretty decent stairway going down to where the footing was a lot more level.  Then I took the axe and went to town on all the dead limbs on the trees blocking the way to the lake.  Then using my snippers I managed to cut back on the brush blocking the way at the very end.  Finally I dragged all the dead limbs, trees, brush, and rocks off the trail.  I was pretty satisfied with how the whole thing turned out, it looks almost park like down there now.  I chatted a bit with the "dearly departed" and told him that all this work was for his mother.  He didn't have any issues with what I was doing, least wise he didn't object to any of it.

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