Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rain Day But Not In Spain

So today was a rainy day just as predicted by the weather wizards.  Hey they have to be right at least once a year. I puttered around the palace that is, mine shack, (not to be confused with Mein Kempf) and did a little laundry, did a little dishes, made some lunch, choked on a fish bone, went to the back forty and cut some shrubbery then was told by a fisherman that he was going to call the police because I was squatting on his best friend's property.  Yup, just a regular day here at Kitpu Estates. 

We finished the siding on the front of the property, you know, now that the kitchen window has been replaced.  Well it was replaced awhile ago but it was winter out there and we had scads of things to do in here. It took some effort to get motivated to go and actually finish it, but we finally did it.  It wasn't a long job but you could tell that neither of our hearts were in it.  The hubby actually did the majority of work but I did get to use the new saw, it cut like butter. 

Here is a picture of what happens when you try to open the fridge in my house.  I wonder what they want? 

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