Sunday, April 29, 2012

Prickly Pricks

Yesterday was BRrrrrrrrr, and a tad bit chilly as well.  The skies were overcast and kept threatening to snow all day.  Thankfully that unholy event never occurred, but it could have.  I would have been tres sad.  But even without the snow it was pretty chilly, mostly because of the wind, because the temperatures hovered around the plus six mark most of the day.  Cool, but certainly not cold enough to snow. 

When I walked out the door to take the dog for her airing I immediately stepped back in the door and changed my jacket for something which would not leave me blue when I got back home.  The walk was good, for awhile, then things went down hill.  This is what happened. 

Yup, someone decided to get up close and personal and take a little sniff of a porky.  So we had to cancel the Old Shoes and Tea Society meeting and tag team her.  Have you ever tried to hold a German Shepherd down while using side cutters and needle nose pliers to snip and pull porcupine quills out of her nose?  Believe me, it isn't easy.  Maybe the underpants gnomes could do it without breaking a sweat, but the rest of us had our work cut out for us.  So a little bit of blood, sweat, and tears later the deed was done and she was quill free.  Luckily she is a pretty nice girl and isn't into taking random chomps out of things because it could have been a lot worse.  Had she got any in her mouth I think it would have been off to the vet and things may have been a lot more Cha-Ching. 

I also started my new job yesterday and began it by having some kind of cute, furry creature leap out in front of my car just as I pulled out onto the road.  I probably broke at least one of it's hind legs as I saw it drag itself into the bush.  I felt sick to my stomach but could not stop to look for it. lucky for me I had my trusty Super Hubby who went out to see if he could find it.  The shitty thing is that he couldn't which means that it is either still alive and suffering, or it died in a lot of pain.  I think it was a martin but I'm not sure. 

Speaking of jobs.  This one is probably the inanist job I have ever in my entire life experienced.  I do not claim to be an expert or anything, but in my opinion this is truly a waste of money for the company.  They are paying me to do nothing, and when I say nothing, I mean nothing.  They should hire the underpants gnomes to do this job (see how I stuck underpants gnomes in here again, that is my new favourite description, courtesy of Jim Wright). This afternoon will be day two of my do nothing job.  To be honest, even though I can easily do nothing for hours at a time, I can't see me lasting at this.  When it comes to work I have this sickening work ethic that makes me actually want to do work. Call me a radical if you want. 

Tomorrow I have a "formal interview" for another job.  This one requires lots of work, which is good, but it is full time, which is not so good.  So I am torn.  Should she, or shouldn't she, only her hair dresser knows for sure.  Hubby says that all my woes would be woeless if I would only send a few of my books in to some publishers.  Ah yes, therein lies the rub. 

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