Thursday, April 5, 2012

D Day, or Actually C Day

Just taking a quick opportunity to write a quick note because in about thirty minutes my new kitchen cabinets will be here!  Yippee!  Then the rest of the day will be spent attaching them to the various walls in the kitchen.  Happy days are here again...

It's like the Sword of Damocles has been hanging over my head for the past month or so.  This is not to say that the kitchen wasn't functionable for that long, far from it.  In fact it has been more than adequate to meet the everyday needs of the household as far as kitchens go.  The hubby is a frakin genius when it comes to stuff like that, but the whole waiting thing was starting to get to me.  Knowing that there would have to be an upheaval and having to find a place to store all my shit until the cabinets could be installed.  For Ms OCD that kind of thing is a little hard on the nerves.  But after today I should be able to put stuff away into to their "forever" homes.  What's that noise you ask?  Oh it's just me tap dancing a little sea shanty and singing, If Your Happy And You Know It.  Oh and part of the noise could also be because the hell cat has been locked into the basement for the day and she is not happy.  There is some serious meowing going on, and some serious beating on the cat flap.  Sucks to be her, but that is the life of a house cat. 

The only down side of the whole process is that by the time the kitchen is completed we will officially be out of money for renovations.  Crap-o-rama!  We have two projects left to go.  Sigh.  The worst thing about it is that so far I haven't been able to sell any of my "dog hair" art.  I just can't imagine why anyone would not want to take the opportunity to purchase a lovely page of old newspaper with some dog hair taped to it.  Maybe it's my marketing ideas?  So far I think that I offered it to all my friends on FB.  Perhaps I should also offer some cat hair as well?  Maybe I should create a web page and start selling it there?  I guess that is one of those things I can think about while we are installing cabinetry today! 

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