Monday, April 23, 2012

Top O' The Week To You

I woke up this morning to fog and drizzle.  Yup, more moisture.  But today was one of those days where a body feels motivated to do "indoor stuff" that needs doing but won't actually do it when it is nice out.  A couple of days ago I took the closet shelves out which the hubby had made to temporarily store our food stuff while waiting for the kitchen, so the wood he had used were just odds and sods and not very nice.  So I dragged them outside and set up some saw horses then took a sander to them and smoothed one side down a bit, then I took some fill and filled the worst of the holes and cracks and let that dry, then I sanded them all down again and then gave them three coats of paint.  The end product is that they look amazingly, spectacularly, marginally better.  But seeing as they are going to be used in a linen closet and consequently not, in your face, they will do for now.  If sometime in the future I run out of things to do, or come into some money, or decide to sell the place, I will perhaps change them out, or put that paper stuff down that people put in their drawers.  But for now I have a usable linen closet (even if the wall paper in it is orange striped) which means that some of the stuff which has been pining away in the basement got to come upstairs and get thrown into the laundry, then folded up in a way where if it had stripes they all matched, if they were of a size they were all piled nice and neat, and it was all put away onto the newly minted shelves.  All is right with the world. 

Well actually I still have quite a bit of stuff downstairs so the towels and linens residing in their new place of honour will probably be moved once the new stuff gets sorted and washed.  And of course when I do my Costco run I will need a place to store TP and PT so things may get changed even more. 

The hubby had a fire in the fireplace upstairs and coffee on when I got up, and the best thing was that he had gone outside to do a little fishing so I had the place to myself for awhile.  I love that.  I can do stuff at my own leisure, and at my own pace, so I enjoyed a cup of coffee and read for awhile then I puttered around doing laundry, sweeping, making breakfast, reading, and arranging stuff.  Kinda awesome.  I was planning on doing a lot of that today my mistake was mentioning to the hubby when he came in that I had to run into town sometime before the bank closed because I had to do some banking for the kid.  If you knew my hubby you would know that he and I have a completely different version of, "one of these days we should..."  Because in his mind, "one of these days" means this afternoon.  This afternoon means five minutes from now.  Five minutes from now means yesterday.  I bet you think I am exaggerating.  I'm not. 

Hubby: So what do you have planned for today?

Me: A little laundry, some putzing around, doing some writing, and unfortunately I have to go into town sometime before the bank closes today. 

Hubby: Oh when you go into town I'll come with you I need to take some of that junk I have in the garage to the scrap yard.  I'll go put it in the truck. 

Me: Okay.  (Hubby goes outside and I throw a load of laundry into the dryer.)

Hubby: (Five minutes later) Okay are you ready to go?

Me: What? Now? 

Hubby: Yeah, I thought we were going into town?

Me: Um yeah.  Like sometime later today.  I'm not even dressed yet. 

Hubby: Didn't I tell you that I was putting the stuff in the truck?

Me:  Um, yeah....but...

Hubby: Well hurry up let's go. 

Me: Sigh.  (When will I ever learn?)

We were back home well before noon. 

Let me tell you that the next meeting of the Old Shoes and Tea Society we will be passing a new rule which states in Paragraph 1, Section II, Where the party of the first says to the party of the second, "This afternoon...etc" "This afternoon" will be defined as, a time after the clocks on the premises agree that it is AFTER noon.  And that doesn't mean 12:01 or any immediate time after that, it means at some vague time after the clock strikes twelve like perhaps two or even three in the afternoon, or even later. 

Oh and note to self, I don't like millet.  Perhaps it is overdone millet that sucks, but my first experience with millet tonight proved yucky.  Well not yucky per se, the taste was okay, but the texture sucked ass.  I will make it again but I will mix it with quinoa and rice then I will decide. 


  1. We were all promised images of Basil. Don't be repressing Basil...she needs the world to see how special she is!

  2. Still waiting for the two sets of doors which I was told that are two weeks in the making. Once Basil is completely attired I will post some of the pictures in all of her newly minted glory. (She is soooooooo beautiful.)