Monday, April 30, 2012

Does Iron Bess Dream of Android Kitchens?

Although we still have a few things to add to the new kitchen such as lighting, backsplash, etc, I figure that we are close enough to do a "reveal" for all those who actually care.  But before I do that let me put a few of the "before" pics so you know what we have done. 

I moved all the original pictures from my laptop to a flash drive but for some inexplicable reason they are nowhere to be found so I am putting up pictures starting from the time that we started the renovations, which began with removing the head injury causing thing over the stove in the middle of the room. 

Here is the support the hubby built to hold the two hundred pound thing so he could cut it off with the reciprocating saw. 
All gone.

Please take note of the pink faux brick, the pine cabinets circa Partridge Family, and the lovely kettle on the stove. 

This is the new kitchen looking the same way as above.  You may be sad to see that the pink brick is history. 

You may notice that we did keep the kettle.  Everything else has either been recycled, used for BTUs, or has ended up in a landfill.  Not the bricks!  Yup the bricks.  Apparently somethings cannot be recycled, reused, or burnt.  Believe me I tried. 

The hubby says that my pantry has more shelving space than the Super Store.  Perhaps he exaggerates, but I do revel in the space. 

And there it is folks new window, new floors, new walls, new ceiling, new paint job, new cabinets, new countertops, new appliances, and old kettle. My kitchen on the lake.  I'm loving it. 


  1. How to put this in the most understated and reasonable way possible. Holy Crap that is AWESOME! I'm guessing the previous dwellers simply wouldn't recognize the place at all. Very...very nicely done. Please do not be alarmed when we kidnap ya'll and drag you out this way and make you help redo ours.

  2. The hubby says that he will have to take his truck because he wants to bring his tools. So that is your kidnapping required. I'm totally loving it and am thrilled beyond belief.

  3. Zillas Other HalfMay 3, 2012 at 9:44 AM

    It looks good - yea no Pink! And very tidy.. Any chance we can see how the insides of the pantry are constructed? Are they just shelves or slide outs or drawers? We were thinking of something much the same in our kitchen where the fridge is now.

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  5. I'm leery of that kettle. I remember it giving me a huge nasty scald minutes before leaving to go to Europe. I also remember the blister growing to twice it's size after several changes in altitude. As a member of the club that actually prefers tea to coffee I may have to introduce an electric kettle to go with that new kitchen!!!