Friday, April 27, 2012

Wind In The Willows

Hi there.  Welcome to Nova Scotia, the land of the noses which are blue, and the wind that is a blowin.  Holy crap has it ever been blowing today.  The lake has a permanent set of white caps just frothing up a good head.  The hubby and I have been taking turns going outside and putting the cover back on the BBQ all day.  I know.  Why are we doing that you ask.  Wouldn't it make more sense to just leave the cover off until the wind dies down.  Um.  Yeah.  So? 

Today I spent a bunch more time in the basement doing sorting and organizing.  I'm not exactly sure what is up with me but I just can't seem to get properly focused on the job.  I keep moving stuff from one box to another, and keep rearranging until I get tired of it and wander away.  It's almost as if my OCD is broken or something.  GaH-K!  Tell me that ain't so!  Can a person truly lose their ability to organize just because they've lived in squalor for twelve months?  What a horrible thought. 

On the up side the weather smartened up for a brief period of time which allowed me to go out for a walk with the hubby and the hell hound.  The dog ran pell-mell through the bush picking up another dozen or so ticks.  Yes, alas, it is tick season here at Kitpu Estates.  There's nothing I like better than a good old fashioned tick picking session with the dog.  Luckily the hubby has been a lot more diligent than I about taking those little blood suckers off her.  Did I mention that I get pretty girlie and squeamish about ticks.  Hard to believe but true.  The hubby was vigilantly looking for worms.  After a big rainfall those suckers come out of the ground and hang out having coffee until it dries up enough for them to go back down.  In the meantime my hubby seems to fight the robins for the best ones.  Ah yes, my life is wondrous and eventful.  Isn't it obvious. 

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